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doc-naplesWho do you want working on your bike? Is the guy a Greaser from Brooklyn? Is he the kid who modified and chopped mini bikes for the whole neighborhood? Was he a muscle car freak who eagerly tore into every engine he could find? Was he a car painter who taught himself to trick out paint jobs with custom looks and graphics? Did he spend years becoming one of the best, most knowledgeable motorcycle mechanics in Florida? Or is he a Chiropractor?

All of these are great questions and with Doc Mike, these features are all available in just one guy. Yeah … he’s a Chiropractor! You know, great motorcycle technicians are not made … they are born. The kid who got beat up a lot in school may turn out to be a great accountant or even own a clothing store, but the guy you want working on your precious bike is the guy who lives it, loves it and breathes it. Doc grew up knowing that 2 wheels were all you needed. From his days as a kid, terrorizing the neighborhood on his own creations to the opportunity to ditch his Chiropractic career for the chance to open a motorcycle shop in Davie, this is a guy who truly fulfilled his dreams.

Doc has a no BS attitude. If he tells you that your bike needs something, you would be wise to listen to him. If he ever screws up (it happened one time about 18 years ago), he is the first to take responsibility for it and fix the problem. Doc has a philosophy. "When I’m the customer, I demand excellent service. When I’m the service provider, I demand excellent service … from myself. It sounds lame but I can sleep at night and look at myself in the mirror in the morning. "

He’s been operating (pardon the pun) on South Florida Iron in his shop for more than 17 years. Lots of good friends, lots of great running bikes, and a great reputation. Come by and visit Doc’s Cycle. It's "The prescription for your addiction!"